Laundry Service

White Glove Commercial Laundry Service is not your typical commercial laundry. Our devotion to superior customer service is reflected in everything we do. From our experienced drivers and laundry staff to our management team, White Glove Commercial Laundry Service will do our utmost to give you the specific laundry service you require for your business or organization.

From our first account in 2008, White Glove Commercial Laundry has expanded to serving over 100 clients in a wide range of industries and locations. We have developed advanced procedures for handling specific types of laundry including table linens, towels, bed linens, personal laundry and more. We also launder large drapes, theatre curtains, military uniforms, tea drying bags and wholesale garments that require rework. Our experience allows us to provide superb service for almost every laundry need. We look forward to building a laundry plan to serve you.

All our clients have a dedicated account representative to respond to their needs and to provide proactive customer service. We can accommodate flexible schedules to ensure our clients have sufficient linen supply at all times. We can also respond to last minute requests including additional pickups and quick turn-arounds.

We provide ourselves on our reliability and professionalism. Our drivers have years of experiences with our company and always offer great service with a smile. Our laundry staff takes tremendous pride in their work. Our small management team ensures that there is always effective communication between our clients and our staff. All client calls are returned promptly. If you value superior customer service, lets work together.

Don’t just take our opinion of our laundry service. We invite you to call our clients to get their opinion as well. To learn more about our service, give us a call or fill out the contact form to set up a free laundry consultation.

“Fabulous, reliable company!” – Palmer House @ Princeton University

Commercial Laundry Service

Catering Laundry Service

  • Each client's laundry is washed and dried separately. Loads NEVER combined.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service. You can ALWAYS speak to management.
  • Custom services available. Tell us what you need and we will do the rest!
  • Pickup & delivery usually free. Never any hidden costs or fees.

Our Mission

Glove Laundry’s mission to provide a superior commercial laundry service to each of our clients.  We understand our niche; companies that have a specific laundry need and cannot be served properly by industrial commercial laundries. We serve hotels that need reliable, on-time deliveries and spas that need a specific detergent to remove oil stains. We serve industrial companies who need same day service for their employees uniforms. We serve private gyms that require brand new, high quality towels for their exclusive use. If you have specific laundry need,  give us a call.  Our service is truly superior.

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