Individualized Bulk Personal & Residential Laundry

We now offer residential laundry service in Newark, Ewing and surrounding towns!
Personal Laundry for commercial clients and students is our specialty! White Glove Laundry’s precise personal laundry process ensures that your laundry is handled properly. All personal laundry is washed, dried and folded individually. We never combine loads, regardless if a bag is 2 pounds or 32 pounds. Our trained staff understand our process and works hard to make sure your laundry is returned properly. You can count on White Glove Laundry for your commercial and student personal laundry needs.

Individualized Bulk Personal Laundry

Individual wash, dry and hand folding. What can be better?

Individualized Bulk Personal Laundry

Accent on “Individual”

For clients who need bulk personal or residential service, we are superbly suited to meet and exceed your needs. Every load of personal laundry is wash, dried, folded and packed individually. We do not combine loads or cut corners in our laundering process. Each person’s laundry is done as if that is the only load of laundry we are laundering. ¬†How’s that for service?!

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